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Q. How often should I get my unit(s) checked?
We recommend at least once a year. Some prefer every other year, while others prefer twice a year. Spring and Fall.
Q. How often should I change my filter?
1” fiberglass filter – Every month
1” pleated filter – Every 2-3 months
2” fiberglass filter – Every 2-3 months
2” pleated filter – Every 4-6 months
5” filters – Every 6 months to one year
*All of these durations can, and will, vary with many factors, including: air quality, home construction, smoking, pets, etc. Ask your technician for best recommendation.
Q. Why can’t I get a ‘ballpark’ bid on the phone?
Asking how much a new installation would be is much like asking how much a new car would be. There are many factors and options that go into new system pricing. We prefer to make sure you are getting what you need (not more or less), as well as what you want.
Q. Why is your service cost so much higher?
We do not have any hidden or diagnostic fees, just our hourly rate + parts. When you factor in all of these fees to others’ ‘lower’ service price, our rate remains clear and competitive.
Q. Why don’t you run any specials or have any discounts?
Our service and equipment prices remain as low as possible at any time, all of the time. There are no ploys in selling our services and products.

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